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"We booked our son in for a newborn photo shoot. Shaun was very helpful, professional and created a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. We had a great time and the photos are amazing."

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First Year “Watch me Grow”  Photography is a great way to capture the development and changes our children go through in their first year. As we all know, babies change A LOT in their first year! We aim to take a snapshot in time by crafting you beautiful images & creating memories that will stay with you and your baby for a lifetime.


When they first arrive it takes some time to adjust to your new lives, as parents. Then, before you know it your baby is rolling…then sitting up all by themselves…then by their first birthday is fast becoming an adventurous little toddler!


If you’re keen to keep a photographic record of your new baby’s first year, and all the major changes that take place during that time, then we have the perfect solution for you:


Our “Watch me Grow” package  offers you the chance to capture beautiful baby portraits on three occasions in your child’s first twelve months;



We include three sessions within our package:

At 3-4 months baby has his/her own personality, smiling, frowning and rolling. These make for a great variety of baby led photos. We also include a change of backdrop and simple props that add to the image but our focus is always simply baby – they are only this young once so capture these moments to enjoy forever.



The sitter session (8-10 months old)  here we add more props and again allow the session to be baby led capturing a selection of images to add to your collection. This can also include favourite cuddly toys or some of our own prop toys in the studio.



Finally, around the first birthday – the ‘birthday portrait’ and or ‘cake smash’ session we also have 'bubble' sessions providing further variety and awesome images to finish babies first-year collection. Each year following all who purchase our watch me grow packages will be entitled to a FREE family shoot each year.



These sessions are fun, structured in a way that will get the best out of your baby at a time of day when they are naturally at their best. All sessions are relaxed baby led, ensuring they are at their best when in front of the camera. Each session lasts 60 minutes which is plenty of time to capture a good selection of baby and family images.





















“Watch Me Grow” First Year Pricing

First Year Package is £99 which includes a 10 x 8-inch print from each session printed.


Package includes a Newborn Session (0-3 months)


Sitter Session (8-10 month)


Outdoor Family or Birthday session at 12 months 







Or book a single session any age 0-18 months for only £45 which includes 10 x 8-inch print.







Prints start from £35 with many beautiful options to frame and showcase your session favorites.


Simply click buy now above to claim your package. We are limited in the studio so please ensure you book in advance. Dates can be scheduled on our site and modified if needed within 48 hours without charge.


Viewing is done online and can be shared with family. 


































































"So pleased with our photographs. Shaun was great, made us feel relaxed and had great communication with us before the shoot and after. Delighted, 10/10!"



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